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Established in 2009 to provide rental opportunities for family, friends and guests of Troyer, Inc., TRAM Homes began as a luxurious beachfront rental business in Siesta Key, located just one hour south of Tampa on the sunny Gulf of Mexico. Expanding on their knowledge of the Sarasota area and Real Estate market, TRAM Homes is now one of the only companies in the area that offer an array of solutions to virtually anyone in the Real Estate Industry. Whether you are facing foreclosure, have a real estate dilemma, are looking to rent or buy a home, vacation on the key, etc…..we have a solution for you. We stand by our passion to help people, and regardless of your situation that is what we will continue to do!

The Troyers began as farmers in Pennsylvania and formed Troyer, Inc. to leverage their knowledge, equipment and assets acquired through three generations of farming. In addition to the continued production of potatoes, wheat and corn, we offer a comprehensive line of chemicals, transportation services, garage services, and storage services.

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TRAM Homes Can Help You With Your Home Search

Owning a home is the American Dream….
and with our help you can make this dream a reality! The process of purchasing a new home can be very intimidating. It is a landmark event in your life and therefore deserves a good deal of preparation. If you aren’t very familiar with the process of obtaining a home mortgage or aren’t aware of specifically what to expect when purchasing a house, that’s what we are here for!

Being informed is the key to a smooth and successful purchase. We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may actually be life-changing. Whether you looking to purchase a home for you and your family to live in, or you are looking for an investment property, Contact Us Today at 941.CASH.684!








What Color should you Paint Your Home?

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Your exterior colors can make or break a sale.  Potential buyers want a home that is distinguished, has curb appeal, and has colors that draw their interest.  Your exterior colors should stand out and make a statement over other homes in the neighborhood. Neutral Colors Neutral colors are the preferred choice of colors to help ensure a speedy sale.  Neutral colors work with a number of different colors and shades and don’t upset the color rhythm in the neighborhood.  Blue, light shades of yellow, beige, white and tan are all considered good neutral colors. Contrasting Colors Contrasting colors can create a very nice appeal.  For instance, if a majority of the homes around you are white, you might opt to paint your home a light yellow or blue.  The contrast will offset your home from other homes in the neighborhood and make a statement of a home that stands out. Complementary Colors Complementary colors are colors and shades that complement the other colors of homes in the neighborhood and work with features outside your home.  For instance, you might have brick walkways, which would be nicely complemented by a light shade of paint or you might paint the front door to your home a slightly darker color. Get plenty of ideas on colors and shades.  Visit your local paint store for a paint wheel, look in magazines, drive the neighborhood and get ideas online....

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Rehab Mistakes you need to Avoid as an Investor

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There are certain mistakes that can eat up your profit when you buy properties.  Take a look at the most common rehab mistakes investors make. Top Rehab Mistakes Investors Make Purchasing the property for too much.  Paying too much for a property undermines your entire intention of generating a profit.  Know the local market, the cost of repairs, and bid accordingly. Buying a property that has structural damage.  Always have homes you are interested in inspected for structural damage as structural repairs are costly. Not properly estimating the cost of repairs. Repairs will eat into your profit margin, and you want to make certain you calculate the repair costs accurately. Not performing a termite inspection.  Termites can cause terrible damage to a property, and damage that is costly. Not getting quotes from more than one contractor.  Obtaining multiple quotes on all repairs is important. Forgetting to have an exit strategy.  Always prepare for the possibility that you may not get the home sold.  Have a backup plan.  Will you wholesale it?  Rent it?  What will you do? Having shady contractors perform the work, which could end up costing you more in the long run.  Be sure to hire licensed and experienced contractors. Not marketing the home properly.  You want to get the home sold fast so your profit isn’t eaten up by monthly mortgage payments. Not rehabbing the property to BUYER standards.  Your goal is to fix up the home and turn it quickly for a profit.  Fixing up the home to YOUR liking is always a mistake.  Make the property marketable and get it sold....

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Need to stop Foreclosure on your home fast? Read this…

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When the foreclosure proceedings begin, you need to move faster than ever if you plan to stop the foreclosure process.  With home values rising, banks are acting faster.  In fact, foreclosure filings rose in 26 states last month, and homes are given on average 90 days to get their payments in order. You need to understand are your options. You can either: Sell your home with an investor as-is for fast cash Short sale Hire a foreclosure defense attorney File bankruptcy Loan modification program Have your home refinanced If you want to save your home, your best option is to refinance or to work out a loan modification with your lender.  Immediate action will be necessary.  Explain your situation to your bank and ask what foreclosure options are available to you. Short sales are an option, but must be approved by your bank.  In a short sale, your home is sold short of the balance.  Your bank may also offer you a relocation fund that can be up to $3K.   A short sale is much less dramatic to your credit than a foreclosure, and many times allows you to stay in your home longer. For a fast sale, cash in your pocket and no damage to your credit, an investor is the solution.  A good investor, like TRAM Homes, can have your home sold quickly, and in as-is condition; avoiding foreclosure. Bankruptcy should be a last resort and avoided if at all possible.  If you see no other solution, speak with an attorney first....

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The Best Markets to Flip Properties in 2013

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Flipping houses has become increasingly popular due to the sole fact of the great potential for profit.  So, what are the best markets to flip?  Different investors use different approaches.  Some work in distressed regions, while others work in quickly appreciating regions.  Both can be profitable. According to recent reports from Cheat Sheet, Wall St. and Realty Trac’s Home Flipping Report in 2012, flipping properties has become more profitable in the last two years than ever before, with an average of $18,391 per deal. So, where are the best markets to flip property?  The top cities in the US to flip houses is San Diego, California followed by New Haven, Connecticut.  What’s next?  The following 10 cities are also on the list of top markets in the US to flip houses: 10. Daytona Beach, Florida 9.   Omaha, Nebraska 8.   Palm Coast, Florida 7.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6.  Tampa, Florida 5.   Port St. Lucie, Florida 4.   Cape Coral, Florida 3.  Jacksonville, Florida 2.  Charleston, South Carolina 1.  Virginia Beach,...

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4 Blissful Longboat Key condos

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It’s blissful, it’s exciting, and it will become your favorite place to kick back and sip a margarita!  Longboat Key is the perfect spot for a residence or a vacation home.  It’s an atmosphere that is relaxed and exciting and the ideal spot for professionals to kick off their shoes, while retirees and young families can enjoy the perfect combination of nature and activity in a vibrant city.  Longboat Key condominiums are the perfect habitat for all classes and all generations.  Let’s take a look at a few of the best condo communities in Longboat. Positano Positano is among the newer of the Longboat Key condominium developments and one that is gorgeous.  The condos are located on an exclusive stretch of 750 feet of Longboat Key, Florida beachfront.  These Longboat Key condos offer a stellar lifestyle with each residence featuring over 3,000 square feet of living space on spacious beachfront balconies. Residents can enjoy a resort pool, private garages, 24-hour security, and a clubhouse. L’ Ambiance L’ Ambiance is an exclusive, majestic and simply spectacular condominium development and one that offers endless comforts.  The condos occupy 18 acres of space fronting the Gulf of Mexico.  Residents enjoy two Har-Tru tennis courts, heated lap pool, a clubhouse, onsite concierge service and a fitness and exercise room.  Downtown Sarasota and St. Arman’s circle is just minutes away. En Provence En Provence is a newer Longboat Key condominium development and one that is located on 6 acres of beautiful beachfront.  The style is a Mediterranean style community with amenities that include a swimming pool and hot tub, a fitness facility and a spacious clubhouse. Regent Place Regent Place is located on the beach, and residents enjoy 36 luxurious condo residences.  Amenities include a 25 meter heated pool and expansive deck area with beach views, an outdoor spa and open air pavilions with barbecues.  There’s also a fitness center and clubhouse as well as concierge services....

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Key Rule in Making a First Impression that Lasts: Your Exterior

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When staging your home, the exterior is vital.  The exterior of your home should never be overlooked or neglected as it should send a greeting that says “welcome home” to prospective home buyers.  The cleanliness and appearance of your outdoor space and yard is the first impression prospective home buyers will have about your home and curb appeal must be stellar. Exterior The exterior of the home should look as though it is well cared for.  Start by refresh peeling with a good power-wash of the exterior of the home, sidewalks, and driveway.  Refresh peeling paint and trim and make sure all exterior hardware like house numbers and door latches are in good shape.  Check your roof for lost or missing shingles and clean your chimney.  Repaint bricks that need to be repainted and clean the windows until they sparkle. Patios and Decks Pressure wash all outdoor furniture and decks as well as walkways.  Remember the old rule of thumb, less is more! Don’t clutter the decks with too much furniture, planters, etc.  If the decks are in need of resealing or repainting, then don’t neglect them.  Also, sweep all patios free of debris. Yard Take a good look at your walkways, sidewalks and driveway for any repairs they may need.  Check for cracks and chips in the pavers or bricks and anything that needs fixing.  Roll up the hoses; inspect and pressure wash the fences to ensure they are in good shape.  Get rid of all the junk in the yard, mow and weed the lawn and all flowerbeds and trim the trees, shrubs and bushes. Add some finishing and personal touches like planters or flowers for a fresh look.  Also replace old mulch or add some color with new Colored Shell Mulch....

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Sarasota Housing Trends for 2014

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Since 2012, we’ve experienced a huge turn around in the Sarasota real estate market, with some tremendous gains (and a few dips). But the turn-around has been one that has left home buyers edging to the market, as well as homeowners placing their homes on the market. What does this mean for our Inventory in 2014? Let’s take a look at more recent trends. The total housing inventory on the market is currently at 1,808 homes.  This figure is up 1 percent from May 2013 when total inventory was at 1,782 homes.  When compared to a year ago, the figure is down 7 percent at a then inventory of 1,946 homes. What does this mean for the price of homes? The median list price is currently at $349,000.  This figure is down 3 percent from last month, when the median list price of homes on the market was at $359,900.  On a year over year basis, the figure is up 16 percent when the median home list price was at $299,900. The percentage of distressed properties remained the same as May 2013 at 6 percent.  The median days on the market is down by 7 percent from last month, with the DOM currently being 76 days.   On a year-to-year basis, the DOM is down 30 percent; when at that time it was 109 days on market. The median house size is currently 2,315 square feet.  Last month the median house size was 2,265 square feet.  That’s an increase of 2 percent.  When we look back a year, we see an increase of 6 percent, when the median house size was 2,181 square feet. The median price per square foot is currently at $135 per square foot.  This figure is down 3 percent when the figure was at $139 per square foot.  On a year over year basis, we see an increase of 12 percent when the median price per square foot was at $121....

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How to List Your Home For Sale- Finding the right Agent

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The first step in listing your home for sale is to find a reputable real estate agent.  This doesn’t mean enlisting the first agent you speak with.  It means interviewing several.  Too many home sellers hire the first agent they speak with and in today’s day and age you need to ensure you have an agent that is up on the times.  Today’s home sales are a combination of traditional methods and high tech advances like the Internet. The role of the agent is to work on your behalf.  They will help you to determine a listing price, advertise and show your home, negotiate, and handle all the paperwork and appraisal in exchange for a commission on the sale of your home.  So, how do you find the right agent?  Follow these steps below: Referrals Ask family, friends and coworkers if they know a real estate agent they recommend.  Be sure to get a detail of their experience with the agent.  The agent should be one that put their customers’ needs before their own. Search Online for Agent Listings Do a local search for real estate agents via the net.  Searching online gives you the opportunity to get to know the agent through the information listed on their site prior to scheduling an interview. Attend Open Houses One great way to evaluate an agent is to watch them in action.  Attending open houses in the area is a non-threatening way to get to know an agent. Questions to Ask Ask the agent if they are a REALTOR®. There is a difference between a REALTOR® and an agent.  A REALTOR® has taken additional course work, and the exam required to be a licensed REALTOR® is more detailed. Ask the agent if real estate is their full-time career.  This will help you to determine just how much time the agent will have to devote to your needs. Ask the agent if they belong to the multiple listing service.  When selling your home, being listed on the MLS is a tremendous benefit. Ask the agent how they will communicate and how they help to ensure your home sells or how they will help you to find your dream home. For more information on local Realtors in the Sarasota area, give us a call! We use the same agent for all of our listings and closings....

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Is the Housing Recovery Balancing?

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This has been a tremendous year for the real estate market.  Throughout the nation home values are on the rise, the percentage of distressed properties on the market has decreased, and interest rates are low.  The market has been in a slow and steady state of a recovery.  In the past it appeared as though home prices would not stop climbing, but for the first time this year, we see home prices unchanged from June 2013 in 38 cities.  This is good news for home buyers.  Will the trend continue?  It’s too soon to say.  Mortgage rates are slowly beginning to climb, and inventory is becoming low in many areas. If it were to stay unchanged, however, we could expect a cushion against rising interest rates and home prices. What does this mean for sellers?  It means that now is the time to take advantage of the market!  In some areas of the US homes have begun to drop in value, while other places they are holding strong.  Placing your home on the market now means taking advantage of the increases we’ve experienced over the last year.  Waiting may not mean more profit. In 38 cities across the US, the average home list price per square foot was $181 per square foot in both the months June and July.  On a year over year basis, in 36 of the 38 cities, we see a 14.9 percent increase. In 32 of the 38 cities tracked, inventories dropped by an average of 16.2 percent on a year over year basis.  The large shrinkage in supply of homes was experienced in Detroit, with a fall of 45 percent.  Other cities, which experienced a drop in inventory included Nashville, Chicago, Austin, Dallas and Houston, among others.  However, on a month over month basis, inventories were up by over 4 percent. What can we expect for the remainder of the year?  We’ll keep you...

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5 Reasons to Retire in Sarasota

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The Golden Years can be especially golden in Sarasota!!  Florida and retirement go hand in hand for those who enjoy a lifestyle filled with sunshine, beautiful beaches, no income tax and many outdoor activities.  Sarasota is a such a culturally diverse city that has become a prime retirement destination.  Housing is affordable, the cost of living is fairly inexpensive, and the atmosphere is the perfect blend of activity and relaxation. Climate Of all Florida Cities, Sarasota has one of the best climates. Sunshine is a year-round, and even in the chilliest of months the weather barely drops below 60 degrees.  The city’s beaches are famous, fishing in the gulf is ideal, and shopping is an enthusiast’s dream. Cultural and Arts Opportunities Retirees can enjoy a number of cultural and arts events, including art galleries, aquariums, a car museum, film society, the symphony, an opera and a permanent circus compliments of John Ringling.  There are also many cultural events and historical landmarks.  Retirees will also enjoy dining on foods from award winning restaurants. Affordable Housing Sarasota offers prime real estate that is affordable.  Types of dwellings include grand waterfront estates, beach condos and modest homes.  Real estate starts at about $150,000 for a modest home in a safe neighborhood. Cost of Living Sarasota has a booming agriculture industry and no state income tax, making it a less expensive place to reside.  There are many activities and events that are no cost to the public, and property taxes on housing are significantly lower than other areas of the US.  All combined Sarasota is one of the best places to reside in Florida. Location Sarasota is a prime location.  Close by are cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando; and the city itself is located on the beach! Siesta Key has been rated the #1 Beach in the USA for the past 3 years.  The city is filled with parks and greenbelts with wonderful displays of nature like the Myakka River State Park and offers a holiday feel atmosphere. Call us to learn more about our available properties at 941.CASH.684, or check out our Properties listed for Sale at http://www.tramhomes.com/buy-a-home/homes-for-sale/...

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