How to List Your Home For Sale- Finding the right Agent

Sep 4, 2013 by

The first step in listing your home for sale is to find a reputable real estate agent.  This doesn’t mean enlisting the first agent you speak with.  It means interviewing several.  Too many home sellers hire the first agent they speak with and in today’s day and age you need to ensure you have an agent that is up on the times.  Today’s home sales are a combination of traditional methods and high tech advances like the Internet.

The role of the agent is to work on your behalf.  They will help you to determine a listing price, advertise and show your home, negotiate, and handle all the paperwork and appraisal in exchange for a commission on the sale of your home.  So, how do you find the right agent?  Follow these steps below:


Ask family, friends and coworkers if they know a real estate agent they recommend.  Be sure to get a detail of their experience with the agent.  The agent should be one that put their customers’ needs before their own.

Search Online for Agent Listings

Do a local search for real estate agents via the net.  Searching online gives you the opportunity to get to know the agent through the information listed on their site prior to scheduling an interview.

Attend Open Houses

One great way to evaluate an agent is to watch them in action.  Attending open houses in the area is a non-threatening way to get to know an agent.

Questions to Ask

  1. Ask the agent if they are a REALTOR®. There is a difference between a REALTOR® and an agent.  A REALTOR® has taken additional course work, and the exam required to be a licensed REALTOR® is more detailed.
  2. Ask the agent if real estate is their full-time career.  This will help you to determine just how much time the agent will have to devote to your needs.
  3. Ask the agent if they belong to the multiple listing service.  When selling your home, being listed on the MLS is a tremendous benefit.
  4. Ask the agent how they will communicate and how they help to ensure your home sells or how they will help you to find your dream home.

For more information on local Realtors in the Sarasota area, give us a call! We use the same agent for all of our listings and closings.