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Established in 2009 to provide rental opportunities for family, friends and guests of Troyer, Inc., TRAM Homes began as a luxurious beachfront rental business in Siesta Key, located just one hour south of Tampa on the sunny Gulf of Mexico. Expanding on their knowledge of the Sarasota area and Real Estate market, TRAM Homes is now one of the only companies in the area that offer an array of solutions to virtually anyone in the Real Estate Industry. Whether you are facing foreclosure, have a real estate dilemma, are looking to rent or buy a home, vacation on the key, etc…..we have a solution for you. We stand by our passion to help people, and regardless of your situation that is what we will continue to do!

The Troyers began as farmers in Pennsylvania and formed Troyer, Inc. to leverage their knowledge, equipment and assets acquired through three generations of farming. In addition to the continued production of potatoes, wheat and corn, we offer a comprehensive line of chemicals, transportation services, garage services, and storage services.

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Owning a home is the American Dream….
and with our help you can make this dream a reality! The process of purchasing a new home can be very intimidating. It is a landmark event in your life and therefore deserves a good deal of preparation. If you aren’t very familiar with the process of obtaining a home mortgage or aren’t aware of specifically what to expect when purchasing a house, that’s what we are here for!

Being informed is the key to a smooth and successful purchase. We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may actually be life-changing. Whether you looking to purchase a home for you and your family to live in, or you are looking for an investment property, Contact Us Today at 941.CASH.684!








Things to Check Before You Buy a Home

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Before you purchase a home, there are important things you don’t want to overlook. Lets take a look at a few don’t forgets. 10 Things to Check Before You Buy a Home Check the Drains Flush the toilets (with toilet paper in them), fill the washing machine up and cycle, run the dishwasher, etc. while you are checking out the home.  Yes, it does sound strange, but this is the best way to ensure the pipes are working properly and there are no collapsed pipes or blocked pipes. Open the Window Windows are expensive and something that you don’t want to have to replace. Open all the windows to ensure they are working properly. Turn on All the Faucets Open all the faucets to make sure they work properly.  This is another way to determine if there could possibly be water damage from leaky pipes. Light a Fire in the Fireplace If the home has a fireplace, light a fire to ensure that the chimney is in good shape, and whether if drafts correctly. Taste the Water Water is important, and there is nothing worse than opening the tap and smelly water pouring out, or water that tastes bad. Don’t be shy, ask the homeowner for a cup, and taste the water. Open the Electrical Panel Open the electrical panel and check to ensure that everything is in place.  Signs of trouble include anything that doesn’t connect and / or loose wires.  This is a must, as it could be a signal that live wires exist within the walls of the home. Turn on the Heat and Air direct lender payday loans It is important to know that both the heat and air work properly. Don’t just listen for the motor to run, make sure they blow respective temperatures....

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Single in the City- Check out the Top 3 Big Cities for Singles!

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Single and thinking where the best places are to live? There are top US cities for singles that not only offer plenty of other singles, but a dynamic and robust nightlife, art and culture, and outstanding food and everything in between that singles could ask for. Philadelphia Philadelphia offers a number of flats that are idea for singles.  Philadelphia has the third highest number of singles among US cities.  It is home to famous celebrities such as Kevin Bacon and Will Smith.  The town is also an educated town, meaning that over 50 percent of the people hold a bachelors degree.  The city is filled with a number of opportunities to mingle- historic sites, world-class museums, eateries, nightclubs, galleries, shopping, sports, community activities, and more. Philadelphia has several neighborhoods that are great for singles- Bella Vista, Queen Village, Society Hill, Washington Square West, and Rittenhouse Square. New York The Big Apple houses the second highest percentage of singles and one that is not only a dynamic city, but one that is the ideal place to find romance- a top a sky scraper, in a quiet cafe, at a sports event, or any number of adventures that New York offers. Ideal neighborhoods for singles include Williamsburg, Park Slope, Caroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, East Village, Murray Hill, and Upper East Side.  New York features fabulous cuisine options (4200 restaurants!) and a variety of recreational activities as well as historic sites. personal loans Los Angeles Los Angeles is the tops in US cities with the highest population of singles.  Singles have a variety of pleasures to choose from, such as mingling with other singles, enjoying the Pacific coast beaches (where there are plenty of singles!), yoga, hiking, culinary delights, shopping, sports and recreation, cultural events, and nightlife.  Great areas for singles include Silver Lake, Loz Feliz, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice. The city features many playgrounds for the young and old- Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and University Studios, to name a few.  It is a town with sophisticated style, and historical riches, and one where the entertainment never stops. L.A. is a place where lunch at the sidewalk cafe may mean an encounter with a famous movie star.  This is a city where singles will need a car to depend on, as it is one that everything ranges from one end of the city to the other....

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Avoiding Buyers Remorse

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It happens, your dream home is in closing, or you already have the keys, and remorse hits. It is a common scenario, and one that doesn't come without heartache. There are ways to help ensure that you won't regret the purchase of your new home, which we've outlined below. forex trading strategies How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse When you purchase a home, you need to be educated, and you should (you don't need to, but it is strongly recommended) hire a knowledgeable realtor with experience. This will help to ensure that your transaction is remorse free. With that said, lets take a look at how to avoid buyers remorse. Decide Your Criteria in a Home When you shop for a home, you need to know what you absolutely must have in the home. This means, the number of bedrooms for not only now, but also in a few years from now, the number of baths, and any features that you must have in a home. Make a list of what you want in a home and look at homes with your must haves. When you think you have found the home of your dreams, ask yourself if you've looked at plenty of homes that match your criteria in a home, and whether there might be one better out there. Visit the house in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, and see if it still has the same appeal. Buyers remorse occurs for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you find a better suited home or a better priced home. The rule of thumb to avoid this situation is to not look at homes once you place an offer on a home. This is the biggest mistake homebuyers make. Another reason buyers remorse sets in is an unpleasant buying experience, which is usually a result of your real estate agent. With a lousy agent, the transaction is less than satisfying. Therefore, ensure that you have a good agent working on your behalf. There are times when the process should be stopped- when problems with the property deed occur, when you discover there were liens you weren't aware of, when major issues are discovered, and so on. Buyers remorse is common; avoid the situation by making an informed decision. Pull the Carpet Back Whats under the carpet could be hardwood, which might be a nicer addition than the carpet itself, but there might also be mildew and mold under the carpets. In the lowest corner of the room, pull the carpet back to check. Basement Moisture If the home has a basement, then check for damp spots. Put your hand on the floor, on the walls, and so on. Look for signals like dehumidifiers that show the home owner may be keeping moisture out. These are all simple things to check, and things that are often forgotten by homebuyers....

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How to Hire a Contractor

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With the market in an upswing more and more property owners are considering placing their property on the market. Hiring a contractor to make repairs to the home is essential for many property owners and a way to ensure a quick, top dollar sale.  The contractor with the lowest bid may be the best, but, he may not be, as well. It is important to know what to look for. ventes aux enchères en ligne Experience Experience in the industry is essential for the mere fact that you don't want shabby workmanship.  You should hire a contractor that has a minimum of five years of experience. License Never hire a contractor that is not state licensed.  Also, never assume that a license means that a contractor is qualified for your project.  You want a contractor that is licensed with the experience in the industry, and one that does not have complaint filed on them.  Ask the contractor for their license number and then check to see if there are any complaints against them. Bank Account The construction industry has been especially hard hit the last few years, and there are many contractors that live from job to job. Check the banking records of the contractor to ensure that they have steady deposits.  This is a safety measure that helps to ensure the likelihood that the contractor will remain in business. Insurance Any contractor you hire should be properly insured with both workers compensation and general liability insurance.  This is a very important measure as if there is an injury that occurs, you could be liable for that injury.  Ask the contractor for copies of their insurance policies and contact their provider to confirm they are indeed insured. Workmanship While the contractors will likely show you samples of their work, you definitely need to ask for former jobs they've performed that are similar to yours, and do an onsite inspection of these jobs. Teamwork Some homeowners want to be a big part of the project, some do not.  Know how active a role you want to play and make certain your contractor is aware of what you expect from them. Bid Once you have an idea of the contractors you'd like to hire than collect bids.  Be certain that the contractor is aware of all specifications (floor, doors, windows, appliance faucets, countertops, etc.) for the project....

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Professional Home Staging Tricks

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Home staging is about the Illusion- it goes beyond cleaning and decorating.  It is about taking a small room and giving it the illusion of a spacious atmosphere.  The room is no longer just a room that is nicely decorated, it is a room that shows itself. aste antiquariato on line Most realtors discuss home staging with their sellers.  In all reality, it goes beyond cleaning and decorating.  It involves how to bring out the best of the home.  Every realtor will tell you a fresh coat of paint should not be overlooked as a $750 paint job to the home will add $1500 to $2000 in value to the sale price of the home.  There are more tips and tricks that professional home stagers offer, which we have discussed below. Renew dry cabinets by applying orange oil to the cabinets.  Orange oil takes dry cabinets and renews their original luster. Clear the kitchens counters and place a large basket of fruit with bright oranges, polished apples, grapes, and other bright fruits. Place a vase with flowers on the counters. One trick that professional stagers use is to bring the outdoors in, which creates a clean, crisp feel of freshness in the room.  Take out any unnecessary furniture from the rooms.  Each room should have plenty of space to walk around the room and enjoy the room.  Bathrooms are an important room in the home and one that should be open and airy.  Create as large of an illusion as possible.  Paint the walls light, if the bath is very limited on space, then consider replacing the sink with a pedal stool sink.  To each bathroom consider adding a basket with: how to get your ex back Creamy lotions Scented soaps Towels, tied with ribbons The exterior of the home needs to be staged as well.  In the backyard, once you've de-cluttered and cleaned, then focus on the patios and decks.  Have any patio or deck furniture nicely arranged, with plenty of deck room.  Bring in plants and potted flowers to add color around the furniture.  Set the tables with brightly colored plastic dinnerware. The cost of staging a home does not have to be expensive- it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands, depending on the square footage of your home, and the number of rooms that need to be staged.  Even if the home is vacant- it should be staged. Add decorative touches to the counters, brighten areas with flowers and potted plants, and create the illusion of the absolute best, again saying “welcome home”. zp8497586rq...

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Preparing Your Home for Sale

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All selling agents will tell you to prep your home for sale.  Quick and top dollar sales are the name of the game, and this is what preparing your home for sale accomplishes. Familiarize yourself with the following guide in preparing your home for sale. Detach You’ve lived in your home for years- now, its going on the market, and soon a new owner will live in the home.  It is time to begin to let go of all the emotions and focus on moving on.  Pack up the personal photographs, family heirlooms, and everything that says you. This is not only a helpful step to begin to disassociate from the home, but one that is important for potential buyers to better visualize themselves in the home. De-Clutter Through the years, every homeowner collects something- some more than others.  Clutter is not attractive, so pack everything up or donate it.  Clear the counters, pack the knickknacks, remove the books from bookcases, and get them out of the house. Closets and Cabinets Potential homebuyers will open EVERYTHING and expect everything to sparkle and shine. Clean and organize all closets and cabinets.  Another tip when it comes to the closets is to add light, and additions such as cedar strips and closet organizers. Rent a Storage Unit There are few homes that don’t benefit from less furniture.  Remove all pieces of furniture, get the hampers out; get rid of the bookcases, and so on. The furniture left in the room should be just enough to showcase the rooms purpose. Make Minor Repairs Go around the home, fill in the cracks, patch holes, replace burned out bulbs, and fix leaks, and so on.  Taking care of minor repairs makes a big difference in the eyes of potential homebuyers, as it gives them the feel that the house has been well cared for. Clean The home should sparkle and shine, no matter what you look at.  Start from the ceiling and go down.  Once you’ve cleaned the room, polish it and make it shine. Wax floors, polish chrome faucets and mirrors, rent a power washer to clean the exterior of the home, and wash all windows. Yards Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and make sure that the exterior is clean.  The outside of the home offers the first impression potential buyers will have, and your homes exterior should be a statement that says welcome...

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Short Sale Incentive Money from HUD

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We take many phone calls from distressed homeowners that are in a situation where they are no longer able to meet their monthly mortgage obligations, and want more information on short sales and relocation assistance. What type of help is out there is a common question, which is why we have decided on this post. Homeowners must be in a distressed situation for their lending institution to consider a short sale.  Most lenders support short sales, as they typically cost less than the lender having to foreclose on the property.  Some lenders even have an incentive payment program they offer to home owners that is paid in a lump sum.  This isn't necessarily an incentive for every home seller, nor is it one that is a fixed amount.  It will vary as per borrower, of course. Homeowners whose mortgage is through an FHA based loan are entitled to a $750 HUD based home seller payment which is offered from HUD as an incentive payment. For home sellers that close within 90 days, the incentive increases to up to $1K.  The lender must write an approval for the additional incentive. getting back together With short sales lending institutions come up short, the money they receive on the sale of the property is less than the homeowner owes on the mortgage.  The lender is not the only one involved in the sale of the property.  Proceeds from the sale will also need to be disbursed to the real estate agents, lawyers, and so on.  If there is a surplus of funds, the lender usually calculates them as their payoff. Many lenders do have a relocation assistance program, which is helpful to home sellers.  Home sellers must qualify however, and their home must be a short sale. Most lenders require that the relocation assistance is only available on pre-approved price short sale programs. The lender will document the funds on the HUD-1. If you do qualify for relocation assistance, the funds are yours, and can be used to relocate, pay off bills, or however you see fit.  Some assistance programs offer home sellers as much as $3K....

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Tips for Advising Investors on Short Sales versus REO's

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Tips for Advising Investors on Short Sales versus REOs Both short sales and REO's are good values, but it is important to know the ins and outs that may appear when you reach the closing process, unpaid taxes, and penalties etc.  So, lets take a closer look. Bank-owned properties, a.k.a. REO's, are homes that have gone through the foreclosure process.  Buyers need to be aware that the homes may be in worse condition than a short sale property.  REO's aren't as likely to be a good deal, and out of state banks may be unaware of the current fair market value in the area, which makes it more difficult to negotiate with the bank. Also, the bank may want to negotiate, but you may find that at the end, there may be penalties, unpaid taxes and other hidden fees that show up during the close of the property that increase the sales price. Short sales are often the better deal, as the properties are most often in better condition, which means that you will be closer to a resell or closer to getting the property in the shape needed to rent out.  When purchasing a property for potential profit, time matters, and the faster turnaround, the better.  This important fact leads many investors to execute short sales. This isn't to say that the short sale process takes less time.  Quite the contrary, the short sale can actually take a longer amount of time. best way to learn german http://berkeleyunicycling.org With the state the housing market has been in, most lenders want to avoid adding another home to their books. In the past few years, banks were flooded with foreclosed properties.  There is a lot of lender involvement and cost involved in the foreclosure process, not to mention having a property on their books that isn't an asset. The property must be maintained, taxes must be paid, and so on.  Many lenders have decided to take the course of a short sale when possible versus foreclosure.  For investors, the sales price of a short sale is typically good. While the bank may take some loss in a short sale, they typically lose less than if they foreclose on a property. The paperwork in a short sale and a bank owned property are basically the same.  Each involves a good deal of paperwork over the standard real estate transaction.  With both, you must have a licensed realtor acting on your behalf. Each has its consideration, but, with either, you want a realtor that is certified in distressed properties to ensure that they have the education required and they are able to facilitate the transaction faster and with more efficiency. zp8497586rq...

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Short Sale Debt Forgiveness Goes on in 2013

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Short Sale Debt Forgiveness Goes on in 2013 The short sale debt forgiveness deadline has been extended through 2013, a relief for many tax payers whose homes are going into short sale this year.  The act offers a major tax break for short sale homeowners. The Taxpayer Relief Act was expected to be cut off at the end of the 2012 tax year, but luckily for taxpayers who will short sale their home this year, the act will go on.  This can mean a tremendous savings to taxpayers whose homes are sold via a short sale or have a loan modification this year as they now have the peace of mind of being eligible for tax relief.  This means that Uncle Sam won’t require the taxpayer to pay taxes on the forgiven debt by their lending institution on a loan modification, foreclosure or short sale. The Taxpayer Relief Act was expected to end at the end of 2012 tax year.  With Congress passing the Act into 2013, taxpayers are not responsible for principal balances written off via deed-in-lieu, short sales, loan modifications and foreclosures.  For instance, if the lending institution wrote off $50K of debt that the borrower owed, then the borrower would be responsible to declare the $50K on their taxes.  This is good news to not only distressed homeowners that may consider a short sale in 2013, it is also good news to the lending institutions and the housing industry, as fewer distressed homeowners will opt for foreclosure and bankruptcy.  We’ve seen a flood in foreclosures over the last few years; in fact, Florida is the capital of the US in number of foreclosures, and with the act passing into another year, the market will be in a much better condition. If you are in a distressed housing situation, then 2013 is the year to consider getting out of it through a short sale, as 2014 may mean the end to the Debt Forgiveness Act and a very high tax bill.  There is plenty of information out there, and as always, we are here for every property owner in a distressed situation that would like to explore his or her options, which you need to...

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Keep this in Mind BEFORE Buying A Home

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Keep this in Mind BEFORE Buying A Home In many parts of the country, homes have become more and more affordable and mortgage rates remain at an all-time low.  After the near seven-year housing market decline, many people are thinking about buying a home again. Unless you are going to pay cash for the property, there is a very important step you must take before getting pre-approved: getting your credit report in order! Why? Your credit score largely determines the type of mortgage financing you get, and the interest rate you pay. A difference of a few points could make a HUGE difference in your mortgage rate. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to review and dispute any errors on your credit report and get them fixed. This simple step could end up saving you A LOT of unnecessary trouble. Wouldn’t it be devastating to have to let go of your dream home because of something on your credit report that should not have been there in the first place? On a lighter note, don’t stress about your actual score. Trying to tweak your score to improve them can easily have the opposite effect. Different loan programs have different credit score requirements, so let a loan officer find you a program that suits you. Above all, put your scores in context. Mortgage lenders consider a variety of other factors, such as your debt-to-income ratio, employment history, and down...

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