The Best Markets to Flip Properties in 2013

Oct 2, 2013 by

Flipping houses has become increasingly popular due to the sole fact of the great potential for profit.  So, what are the best markets to flip?  Different investors use different approaches.  Some work in distressed regions, while others work in quickly appreciating regions.  Both can be profitable.

According to recent reports from Cheat Sheet, Wall St. and Realty Trac’s Home Flipping Report in 2012, flipping properties has become more profitable in the last two years than ever before, with an average of $18,391 per deal.

So, where are the best markets to flip property?  The top cities in the US to flip houses is San Diego, California followed by New Haven, Connecticut.  What’s next?  The following 10 cities are also on the list of top markets in the US to flip houses:

10. Daytona Beach, Florida

9.   Omaha, Nebraska

8.   Palm Coast, Florida

7.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

6.  Tampa, Florida

5.   Port St. Lucie, Florida

4.   Cape Coral, Florida

3.  Jacksonville, Florida

2.  Charleston, South Carolina

1.  Virginia Beach, Virginia

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